Great Gatsby themed cake


This was a simple cake made for my friends brother for a Gatsby themed party! I was fairly impressed with myself as I only had one night to make it (I usually prepare decorations over a few days).

I used a 9 inch tin to bake my cake. This required me to double the standard cake recipe in order to get enough height to the cake.


The pattern on the side was made by drawing 3 different sized triangles and then using them as templates. For a 9 inch cake, the measurments I used were:

Triangle 1: 7cm base width and 3cm high = sides of roughly 5cmx5cmx7cm
Triangle 2: 4.5cm base width and 3cm high = sides of roughly 4.5cmx4.5cmx4.5cm
Triangle 3: 2.5cm base width and 5cm high = sides of roughly 5cmx5cmx2.5cm

Triangle 2 was made using black fondant.
Triangle 1 and 3 were made using white fondant and painted using silver glaze. These required a good 3-4 coats until it was consistent and as silver as I wanted. It needs 30 mins drying time between each coat.

Leave until all fondant have dried and hardened

TIP: Make extra in case some break


I made a chocolate cake so decided to make a chocolate ganache with it. Ideally a white frosting would have been better because if the fondant covering the cake cracks, the icing cannot be seen so obviously.

Rolling out the fondant to cover this cake was so hard. It took me 3 goes to get the size and thickness of the fondant right.

Covering the cake


To make the fondant smooth on top, I used the cake smoother. Just sprinkle it with some icing sugar first otherwise it will ruin the fondant. To cover the sides, I use upward smoothing motion and slowly make my way down (I know I probably should have had my hair tied up….).

I then use the side of the cake smoother to put indents in the fondant so that I have a guide of where to cut the icing.

Image  Image


After I had added the fondant to the cake, I added a black ribbon to the bottom of the cake. To add the ribbon, a few dots of white icing was used to stick it to the cake.

Once the fondant was dry and had stiffened, I constructed the pattern. I just added a tiny bit of water to stick them together.


Once they had all been made, I put a tiny bit of water on the back and stuck it to the cake. As it was a bit heavy, I had to hold it for a few seconds before letting go.

Initially I wasn’t going to add anything to the top of the cake but i thought it looked a bit plain. Hence, I added the birthday boys name.

These were made with my favourite letter cutters and took all of about 5 mins. Then I painted them silver to blend in with the colour theme.

Given more time I probably would have tried to add something more to it but overall I think it turned out quite well.

Image     Image


I decided to cover the cake board too just to make it look a bit nicer. Just roll the fondant to size apply a bit of water and pop it on. I didn’t use anything to stick it on and it still sat fine.


* Keep in mind that adding icing to the board will make the overall board size bigger. I was a bit stupid and bought a cake board that fit into my cake box perfectly. When I tried to put it in the box it did not fit anymore and I was so confused as to why. Then I realised…….

Happy Baking!



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